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The National Forum for "Vetting"  Policy for Veterans 

Good policy starts with good data

Policy Vets is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, gathering, researching and compiling data that can be used to support policy that improves the lives of veterans.

At Policy Vets we seek to bring together subject matter experts, professionals with experience in government,  those working with veterans, and veterans themselves to explore areas where policy can be improved.  Policy Vets will research issues in depth and provide unbiased data so that advocates and policy makers can engage in a thoughtful and evidence based approach to public policy for veterans. 

As a nonpartisan nonprofit organization Policy Vets will serve as a resource to government,  veterans organizations, community groups, and stakeholders that seek to collaborate to improve the health and wellness of those that have served our country.  Our objective is to use the collective experience and expertise of our Scholars, Fellows, and Senior Advisors to provide in-depth analysis to issues that really matter to veterans. 

Policy Vets knows that there are many high quality organizations serving veterans and there is no one voice in such a large and diverse community.  We do not seek to duplicate or replicate the work of other organizations,  but rather by bringing them together we seek to work together to amplify their knowledge and expertise.