Season 1

Episode Date Guest
001 31 March 2021 What is Policy Vets?
Lou Celli and David Shulkin discuss what Policy Vets is all about

002 09 April 2021 Jon Stewart pt.1 Bio
In the first part of this two part series comedian and activist Jon Stewart talks candidly about Burn Pits - Mature Audiences Only

003 16 April 2021 Jon Stewart pt.2
In this second part of his interview Jon minces no words for
what he thinks needs to happen for veterans

004 23 April 2021 Jon Towers pt.1 Bio
As minority staff director of the Senate Veterans Affairs
Committee, in this first episode Jon Towers tells us about his
role at SVAC

005 30 April 2021 Jon Towers pt.2
In this second part of his interview, Jon gives us insight into the future work of SVAC

006 07 May 2021 LTG Place pt.1 Bio
As the head of the Defense Health Agency, hear how LTG
Ron Place thinks about the DoD response to the pandemic

007 14 May 2021 LTG Place pt. 2
LTG Place tells us what motivates him to focus on the
mission at DHA and what lies ahead for the agency

008 21 May 2021 Policy Vet Chris Nowinski Bio
Harvard graduate and retired WWE pro wrestler talks about
concussions and what his foundation is doing to advance
medicine for military war fighters.

009 28 May 2021 Policy Vet Joe Chenelly Bio
Executive Director for American Veterans (AMVETS) Joe Chenelly is our Memorial Day special guest with lots to share about
VSOs, VA, and the Memorial Day motorcycle rally, Rolling to

010 04 Jun 2021 Senator Jon Tester Bio
Senator Jon Tester from Montana, Chairman of the Senate
Committee on Veterans Affairs who also sits on the Senate
Appropriations Subcommittee for Military Construction,
Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (MilCon/VA) talks 117th
Congress legislative priorities, and why there should be no
opposition to paying for healthcare for veterans poisoned by
burn pits.

011 11 Jun 2021 Policy Vet Tom Voss Bio
Author and combat veteran Tom Voss talks about veteran
suicide, depression, and his 1,700 mile journey from Minnesota
to Los Angeles -
on foot.

012 18 Jun 2021 Policy Vets Danique Masingill Bio & Don Overton Bio
Service Dogs Pt. 1 - what regulations govern training,
certification, access, authorization, and what additional
regulations are needed?

013 24 Jun 2021 Policy Vets Cole Lyle Bio & Gordon Sumner Bio
Service Dogs Pt. 2 - What is the difference between a service
dog, a therapy dog, an emotional support dog, a guide dog, a
working dog, and are they effective health prosthetics, or scam?

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