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Are you a Policy Vet?

Policy Vets seeks to collaborate with others that share an interest to bring thoughtful insights to policies and programs that support veterans.

There are a number of ways we seek to collaborate with others.

Policy Vets works on policy issues we are engaged in with subject matter experts with extensive experience supporting veterans.

Policy Vets is looking for people and organizations in the following categories:

Apply to be a Policy Vets Scholar, Fellow, or a Senior Advisor

Scholar - Scholars are individuals who have served in Senate confirmed positions or at the assistant secretary or higher level, elected officials, general and flag officers, state or local government directors, or current or past heads of leading non-profit organizations that serve veterans.

Fellow - Fellows are people with distinction who have served in leadership positions in organizations with an established policy presence that have served or serve veterans, worked in the executive or legislative branches with involvement in veterans issues, or are active in academic studies of veteran or military issues.

Senior Advisors - Senior Advisors are individuals that have showed extraordinary commitment to supporting veterans and who demonstrate an active interest and commitment to policy development for the support of veterans.

We are also looking for additional members of our Board of Directors, and Policy-focused Committees - all with the goal of seeking better policy for a nation of veterans.

If you have interest in getting involved with Policy Vets please fill out the Contact Us page or send us an email at .