Since a very young age I sought to serve. Be it as a young Acolyte at the local Church to helping clean yards and paint houses just for the joy of a glass of water and seeing relief on the occupants. Today after serving the United States of America for over Thirty-Three Years of Active Duty as a Military Enlisted, Officer, then Chaplain in both the Army and Air Force I find that my desire to serve has not diminished. My second to last duty assignment was in Washington DC where I served as the creator of a program that linked communities with Veterans and their Families. It was called Joining Community Forces. The emphasis was to get the community involved both as a safety net for these Veterans and Families, it also offered a place to serve.

While working there I realized that we really needed to have some sort of outreach for First Responders and their Families as well. This became more apparent when I moved to New Mexico and I saw that there was a great and vast service opportunity. This became the foundation of the FRAME Initiative. My goal from the start is to help families operate fully in their new normal, whatever that may be. It is truly a blessing to be partnered with such wonderful and like-minded people as I have on this staff. Never will a family have to say they could not come due to finances as we will work hard to never turn away anyone. I just ask for you to peruse our site and give us a call or email we will do what we can to help make your family stronger by the day.